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Mantua-Shalersville Firefighter's Association

The Firefighter’s Association was organized on January 19, 1915 and was structured into two groups: "Regular" fire department members and "Social" members. Membership was gained by a majority vote of the organization with membership peaking in the early 1920’s at close to seventy total members. Today, the Association is the social branch of the department and membership is open to all regular department members and by invitation to non-department members. The Association has been meeting the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the fire station since 1927.

The main involvement the Association has had with the department and the Mantua-Shalersville Community since its inception has been with sponsoring on-going social functions and spearheading fund raising projects for both annual programs and special events and projects.

The Association is a charter member of the Portage County Firefighter’s Association since 1926 and a member of the Ohio Firefighter’s Association since 1938.

Currently, the Association sponsors an annual picnic, Christmas party, fire safety education program, free smoke detector program, and the annual turkey raffle which is the Association’s main fund raising event which dates back to 1944.

The Association handles all negotiations for wages and benefits between the Fire Board and the part time department members. They also make loans available to department members for schooling and family emergencies and fund special firefighter recognition programs from time to time. One such program provides for bronze grave markers and flags for close to one-hundred deceased firefighters in local cemeteries.

Although the Association did not become an I.R.S. 502 (c) 3 organization (tax-exempt non-profit) until 1983, it has been at the forefront of accepting donations and spearheading fund raising projects to benefit the community since its inception in 1915. Over $60,000.00 worth of equipment, apparatus, fitness and training aids have been funded by the Association in just the last forty years. Much of this money for such projects has come from a special memorial donation fund that was established in 1978. Association members also raised over $5,000.00 in one weekend for the F.D.N.Y. 9-11 Relief Fund.

The Association has also been very involved over the years with special remodeling and restoration projects including the complete renovation of the department’s historical fountain, memorial 1880 fire bell, antique pool table, social room and fire department living quarters.

The Firefighter’s Association and the Fire Department have worked in virtually seamless harmony since its inception in 1915. The interwoven relationship that has been shared over the decades between these two organizations is responsible for much of the success that both organizations enjoy today.

Tim Benner 10-16-02

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