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Fire Station History

1901 to 1908*
Miscellaneous downtown locations. Paid rent to house the hand pulled hose carts and chemical engine. $110.00

1909 to 1919*
Livery building at 4693 Prospect Street. Paid rent to house 3 hand pulled hose carts, hand pulled ladder wagon and hand pulled chemical engine.

1909 to 1919*
The Ford Garage at 10714 Main Street. Paid rent to house the Ford chemical engine and the hand pulled ladder wagon. $216.00

*No actual fire station, paid rent to any downtown property owner who could provide suitable housing for the fire equipment.

A small wooden garage was constructed along the west side of the township hall at 4650 High Street (Main and High Streets) which housed the 1919 Ford chemical engine and the hand pulled ladder wagon. This structure was basically a lean-to.

The second floor of the township hall was remodeled for a social room by the firemen.

A larger wooden garage is constructed along the west side of the township hall replacing the smaller structure that was built in 1926. The larger garage was needed to accommodate the 1928 Seagrave pumper, the 1919 Ford chemical engine and the hand-pulled ladder wagon. Cost was $2,150.00

The wooden garage is expanded and remodeled along the west side of the township hall to accommodate the 1947 International pumper, the 1932 International pumper, the 1928 Seagrave pumper and the 1919 Ford chemical engine. Cost was $1,400.00

The second floor social room is completely remodeled by the firemen.

The wooden garage along the west side of the township hall is torn down and a larger two-bay concrete block structure is constructed in its place to accommodate the 1953 Ford pumper, the 1947 pumper and the 1932 International pumper. The firemen did most of the work themselves. Cost was $1,200.00

A new fire station is discussed by the three man board but no action is taken at the time.

A new fire station is discussed once again by the three man board but no action is taken.

A concrete apron is constructed for the front of the fire station. Material and labor are donated with the firemen donating their services also.

The roof and rear walls of the station that were constructed in 1954 are demolished which allow the building to be lengthened and higher apparatus doors to be constructed. Modern fire apparatus would not fit into the old doors or station. Work was done by Stamm’s Contracting at a cost of $30,000.00
(The township hall at 4650 High Street was constructed in 1867)

The social room on the second floor and all the first floor offices are completely renovated by the firemen. Material and labor were donated by local businesses. Cost $5,000.00

A rear driveway is completed for the station with labor, material and machinery all being donated by local businesses.

A pitched roof is constructed over the old flat roof that was constantly leaking at a cost of $12,500.00.

The old concrete front apron is demolished and a new concrete apron is installed at a cost of $12,000.00.

A Land Acquisition Committee is appointed by the Fire Board to locate and investigate all possible building sites whereby a suitable piece of property could be purchased for the construction of a new fire station. Over a dozen different sites are reconnoitered by the committee over a period of five years before all parties involved agree on Shalersville Township Lot #31, 10303 State Route 44.

A fire sprinkler system is installed above the apparatus bays by Harner Plumbing. Material and labor donated.

The first floor living quarters are completely renovated with the addition of bedrooms to allow for 24 hour station staffing. Cost was $30,000.00 with most of the labor donated by the firemen.

The rear apron and driveway, which were only dirt and gravel, were asphalted with curbs and catch basins added. $6,600.00

The final payment was made on 16.29 acres of land known as Shalersville Lot #31, 10303 State Route 44 by the Fire Board. The total cost of the land was $100,000.00 which was approved with Fire Board Resolution #97-5. (June 10, 1998)

Election Issue #26 which was a 1.6 mill bond issue worth 3.7 million dollars is approved by the voters 1,917 to 1,185 which would provide funding for the construction of a new fire station. (November 6, 2001)

The ceremonial ground breaking is held for the construction of the new fire station, 10303 State Route 44. (May 18, 2002)

The formal public dedication is held with an open house to showcase the new fire station. (August 9, 2003)

From the time the first lean-to was constructed at the township hall to house fire apparatus in 1926 and up to 2003, all of the renovations, repairs and new construction projects that took place in that time period, a total of $131,545.00 was spent building and maintaining the fire stations at 4650 High Street. The old township hall was never intended to be used as a fire station, but due to the perseverance and dedication of the department members over a period of 75 years, we got by and did the best we could with what we had. It will be a pleasant change to be able to work in a modern facility after all these years.

Timothy H. Benner

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